Cremation in Greece


Following state law, it has now become lawful and possible to burn domestic or foreign citizens of Greece.

The reasons that many prefer burning rather than burial are many. Whether religious or not, our office respects and demonstrates complete understanding of the work we are assigned to. Many fellow citizens are led to the desire of cremation because of the fact that there is no construction of the tomb, nor the maintenance of it. In some cases, cremation is chosen to avoid the unpleasant feelings of the dead man’s sight, the sight of a body that has not completely disintegrated, or the exhumation of the deceased’s bones.


Finally, it does not burden the environment of the cemetery and the surrounding area, either due to a problem of saturation and capacity or because it can be near a settlement.

Our office undertakes with absolute respect for the deceased and his family the desire of cremation and realizes it directly, with respect and consistency.

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