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Funeral Organization

We undertake the organization of the ceremony with absolute respect for your religious customs, your aesthetic preferences and your financial capability.

Our main concern for each ceremony is to be governed with dignity, professionalism, courtesy, consistency and respect for the deceased and its lovers.

  • We take care and transfer the body from the place of death (home / hospital, etc.) to a cemetery or morgue chamber (if necropsy is needed) or wherever you wish in Greece or abroad
  •  We plan, in consultation with you, the day and time of the ceremony
  • We undertake the necessary bureaucratic procedures to issue the burial or incineration permit
  • We undertake the publication of a death announcement in any newspaper you wish
  • We publish and keep a record of the ceremony that the family wishes
  • We arrange the transfer of the family and attendees to and from the cemetery by chartering coaches or taxis wherever the ceremony takes place
  • We undertake, if the family wishes, to open the tomb
  • We have a wide range of Greek or imported coffins to choose the most suitable for your beloved
  • We undertake the flowering of the Church and the coffin with fresh flowers
  • We accept orders of condoms of condolences of Athenian standards with printed ribbons in our own print shop by the customer or by third parties
  • We deliver all the necessary documents to the family and explain in detail all the procedures to be followed in order to be compensated by the deceased’s insurer with the funeral expenses
  • We give you the opportunity to make the burial in a Catholic church and a graveyard

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Our office undertakes all the necessary procedures for bone exhumation or transport wherever you wish, with respect and accountability.